Review of Shaman Creates Demon Dee

Review of Defeated Shaman Creates Demon Dee – 8 mins

After Dee destroyed herself, thanks to Elizabeth’s mind controlling mask. Shaman has taken it upon himself to teach Elizabeth a lesson and to do so he’s created Demon Dee, Lady Dee transformed into a beast immune to Elizabeth’s power mask. Elizabeth accepts the rematch not knowing what has happened to Dee and looks forward to mind controlling her again. Once Elizabeth sees Dee, she knows something is wrong, she tries to control Dee, but nothing happens. Dee attacks, dropping Elizabeth to the mats with ease. Dee puts Elizabeth in a camel clutch and easily removes the mask. Demon Dee then puts the mask one herself. Suddenly Elizabeth is choked by an invisible force, Elizabeth franticly rolls and spasms around the mats trying to breath. Elizabeth begins to twitch and drool while Dee and Shaman look on. Demon Dee attacks Elizabeth again, first then a blatant choke, then a foot choke, all causing Elizabeth to drool even more. Dee then makes Elizabeth lick her feet, before finally ordering Elizabeth to choke herself, which she does, with more frantic twitching and drooling until she’s KO’d. After Elizabeth is out cold, Shaman carries his Demon and Elizabeth’s mask away…

Back with more Defeated action and holy shit is this one kind of crazy. First of all, Demon Dee, just wow, that is a whole lot of detailed work that just makes Dee look… demonic. It a bit of a shame all that work went into one 8 minute clip, but nonetheless, hats off the makeup artist (Elizabeth) for that. Then the story is that Demon Dee is unaffected by Elizabeth’s mask and easily takes it from Elizabeth and used it against her. What we get from there is a lot of Elizabeth flopping all over the place in a twitchy, drooling mess that kind or reminds me of the video I had Sparrow do for me on her own. It’s just twitching and drooling as Shaman and Demon Dee just watch. Dee does jump back in after a little while, choking Elizabeth with her hands and with her feet, before using the mask to make Elizabeth choke herself into unconsciousness, where she finally quits twitching, rolling her eye and drooling. I just love it. I like to think this was something created with me in mind with all that over the top stuff and the Demon Dee thing is just awesome. With Demon Dee having the mind controlling mask and Shaman in control of Dee, what could possibly happen next? I don’t know, but I hope it’s something like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10