Review of SFD122 Andrea vs Celeste Beating

Review of Sexy Fight DreamsSFD122 Andrea vs Celeste Beating – 30 mins

Andrea is a violent bully, she looks intimidating in her dark red bikini and matching lipstick. Celeste is a young girl with no clue about fighting. Andrea attacks her with punches and slaps to the face, and she is already almost in tears. The weaker girl’s attempts to react have the only effect of making the mean Andrea even angrier and more aggressive. Strangles, knees and punches to her belly, slaps to the face, and kicks when Celeste is down! Andrea makes fun of her, reduced to a sobbing mess, folded in half in pain. Celeste has a bleeding nose and lips and a black eye, but that won’t stop Andrea, who is determined to beat the poor girl up until she can take no more. Pain is what you read on the dark haired cutie’s eyes. Helplessness in her tears, when she is kicked in the face. Desperation in her sobs, when walked around like a dog adding insult to injury, before the final humiliating victory pose. The merciless beating goes on for almost half an hour, and the extremely realistic scenes make this video not advisable for the most sensitive. Possibly the best beating ever filmed at SFD!

Here is a new production company for me, I’ve heard of them, but never actually seen them in action. They are known for real fights on, so yes, another Italian production, I do love my Italian producers, but I didn’t know they had fantasy fights over here at So I asked them to point me in the direction of something one sided and I was shown this. Let me tell you “beating” is the only thing you could call this fight. It was clear that Celeste was never going to stand a chance, only minutes into this near half hour video. And this was no wrestling match either, this was again, a “beating”. Punches, kicks, slaps, ever using a piece of the padding is what Andrea used to destroy Celeste and it was brutal. Keeping with their tendency for real fights, they did use a lot of makeup on Celeste for blood and bruising and even though I’d rather not have that detail, I will say they did a pretty good job of making it look decently real. There are no KOs throughout the match, but there is pretty much one at the very end, as after Andrea does her victory pose, Celeste lays motionless face down on the mats. I’ll take that as a KO ending. There’s also some good humiliation along the way, as they’ve got subtitles for the trash talking, which works good for me, at least I know what’s being said and Celeste gets dragged around by her hair a time or two. For anyone who likes a fisticuffs style beat down, that goes really, really badly for one of the contenders, for those who like their matches to be more toward the realistic side instead of the OTT/silly side, you cannot go wrong with this intense and brutal fight.

Overall Score: 9/10