Review of SEVEN ROUNDS with COCO and SAYA

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSEVEN ROUNDS with COCO and SAYA – 17 mins

As we open this video, the stunning SAYA SAVAGE is being interviewed by Sleeper Kid about how she’s been on a bit of a losing streak lately.  Saya is frustrated by her recent losses but is ready to turn all that around and as such is willing to challenge anyone on the roster!  No sooner is that challenge issued than in walks the utterly delectable COCO to accept it.  However, Saya is not too keen on facing an out of town visitor.  Coco won’t be dissuaded and after a bit of trash talk regarding Saya’s recent record, the lovely brunette accepts the challenge for a multi fall anything goes match! As we kick off the first round Saya comes out fast and aggressive, trash talking Coco and working her over against the wall until she has beaten her down to her knees where a lightning fast front snap kick knocks Coco out cold and allows Saya to pick up the five count pin and an easy first point! Round Two: As Coco shakes off the cobwebs it looks like Saya is going to take full advantage of the lack of rules in this match as she already has a black jack in hand! However Coco is able to snatch it away and after two hard shots to the belly and one to the head with the black jack, she expertly applies a neck chop to KO Saya and earns the equalizing point, leaving us tied up at one fall each! Round Three: Our two grapplers meet up in a finger lock test of strength with Coco driving Saya back against the wall where she works her over with punches and kicks as well as a standing foot to the throat choke.  As Saya collapses to her knees, Coco returns the favor from the first round with a front snap kick of her own that leaves Saya unconscious and easy prey for a humiliating matchbook pin that gives Coco the lead! Round Four: It looks like Saya is having a hard time bouncing back from the last round as Coco quickly Irish whips her against the wall for a shockingly fast KO that leads to a cocky foot on the chest pin as Coco almost looks bored with how easy the fall was! Round Five: Things are not looking good for Saya as Coco doesn’t even wait for her to get up before working over her belly with punches and head-butts. From there the blonde puts Saya through a torturous bearhug from behind that knocks her out but Coco still isn’t done. She traps Saya in a scream inducing Boston Crab that has Saya shouting her submission while Coco pretends not to hear her! Saya eventually can take no more and passes out from the pain. Her tenacity is rewarded with a foot on the face pin as Coco is clearly in full control of this match now. Round Six: Saya seems to know she has no chance at this point and she tries to surrender the match but Coco won’t listen, pulling her into a bearhug that nearly knocks her out.  She tosses Saya to the mat and, adding even more insult to injury, makes use of a double foot smother to slowly knock out her beautiful opponent and a classic Spanish Press pin ends this round with another point for Coco. Round Seven: Coco seems to have become utterly bored with Saya’s pathetic showing and she pulls the still limp Saya up to lock on a picture perfect Sleeperhold.  Slowly the light fades from Saya’s eyes as she slumps to the mat and mercifully falls asleep for the last time.  Coco savors her victory and mounts Saya in a grapevine pin, taking a looooong slow ten count for her final pin before hoisting up her limp and humiliated foe in an over the shoulder victory pose.  Coco dumps Saya back to the mat like a sack of flour and walks off while a sleepy Saya is left to wonder just what the hell happened to her and if she will ever get back on the winning track! YOUR WINNER: COCO!!!

More great Coco action for SKW, in fact there’s more Coco vids I’d like to cover from JVF as well. Anyway, this one is actually more about the lovely Saya, as she’s the one who really gets her butt kicked in this one. Her reactions aren’t over the top at all really, but it’s a wonder beatdown. As we’ve come to expect at this point, Saya sells the hell out of this, Saya is an absolutely fantastic jobber. She does get one round win over Coco in the first round, but loses every other round after. I love that each round ends with a pin and several different pins too, not just matchbooks, thank goodness. This is the first SKW Coco vid that we do get to see Coco play the dominate and cocky heel. She does a wonderful job locking in a wide verity of holds, she strong enough to pick up Saya easily and she nails all the strikes, she also gives Saya a verbal beatdown along the way as well. She definitely makes it look like she’s been doing this for years, which in a ways she has. The gold bikinis also look so good on these two tanned and toned bodies. This video once again shows us just how great Saya is playing the jobber role, shows us just how good Coco can be playing the heel and just how great they both look in bikinis.

Overall Score: 9.9/10