Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 79 – 10 mins

Cassie is a Sentry donning a Riddler ensemble. This clip contains multiple scenes that cut right to the KO action, showing numerous ways that Cassie was knocked unconscious. Time and time again, Cassie stands Sentry in a (failed) attempt to ward off any evil-doers, only to quickly become the victim herself. By the end of Cassie’s time as Sentry, she goes so far as to actually ask to be finished off…and who could say no to a request like that?

I don’t think I can honestly get into this review without getting this off my chest first. I almost didn’t get this video, strictly based off the outfit. I’ve made It pretty clear in my reviews that I don’t like bodysuits, pretty much of any kind, but this one, and I can’t even tell you exactly why, I really don’t like, in fact I think it’s safe to say I hate it. Luckily, my love for OTT KOs and the fact that Cassie Moxy vids are sadly a rarity, I went ahead and got it anyway. The good news is, despite the outfit, this video is awesome. Cassie is so good at selling OTT KOs it’s downright shocking that she isn’t used more often. I even feel that some of the blame is on me, as a someone lucky enough to be able to order customs, it’s never crossed my mind to ask for Cassie to star in one of my vids and that’s just a shame. The tried and true sentry style vids works great for her too, getting lots of great KOs jammed into this relatively short video. And the open eyes/death stare KOs are also great for her. She’s got great big beautiful eyes and SK gets in close every time to see those blue beauties blankly starring off into the distance. So, a great job by SK and Cassie, even though I hate that bodysuit, I still loved this video and hopefully we’ll see the reemergence of Cassie Moxy at SKW someday soon.

Overall Score: 9/10