Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 78 – 24 mins

The continuation of the Sentry Girls series features the devastating beautiful COCO and the always sexy SUMIKO at two Superheroine’s repeatedly attempting to take each other out.  Coco looks stunning in a shiny blue leotard and mask, wandering around Batgirl’s (Sumiko) lair looking for her enemy, only to fall prey to a sneak attack that renders her unconscious and unmasked. This premise carries us through multiple scenarios of KO’s and Sentry eliminations that see each lady getting her chance to take out the other in a variety of awesome ways, always with an unmasking at the end of each.  But ultimately it is Batgirl, making use of a VERY creative chloroform assisted foot smother that wins the day and puts Coco out for the night. These two ladies are at the top of their game and turn in INCREDIBLE performances here that are NOT TO BE MISSED!

Another video from Coco visit to SKW, this time we get a sentry battle, with both Sumiko and Coco playing superheroines, even though neither of them have any super powers, or at least not on display here. They do give us some great back and forth KOs as they take turns being the one sneak attacked. They both do some over the top reactions, tongue protrusion and a bit of drooling. There’s also plenty of close ups on their feet too. Both ladies have pantyhose covering their feet, that’s doesn’t bother me at all, as I’m not that interested in feet, but might be a game changer for some. The KO tactics used are a nice variety of wrestling holds, with some chloroform mixed in at the end. Both girls totally sell their asses off and put on a great show for us. After each KO there’s an unmasking before the end of each scene, I know that’s a big thing for superheroine fans. I love the outfits, I think Coco looks great in the blue, in fact I haven’t seen coco in anything I didn’t like her in yet, and the same could for Sumiko, but she did wear those karate gis once or twice, fortunately the batgirl custom is a fav of mine and has to be a fan favorite at this point. Overall, it’s a sentry style vid, with superheroine costumes, a little over the top reactions and stars two awesome girls that know how to give us what we want.

Overall Score: 9.5/10