Review of Sleeperkid’s World SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 71 – 25 mins

An amazing custom sentry battle featuring ANNE-MARIE and VIKA! Two agents are tasked with taking each other out for their bosses in separate VR programs.  Russian badass Vika (speaking in her native tongue) and Anne-Marie take each other out with skill, glee, and gusto through multiple KO segments and sneak attacks… each one leading with a victorious agent standing over her fallen opponent.  A final evaluation is followed by a sudden double POV KO, but not before both lethal ladies have shown the world what they’re capable of!

Is it just me or does Anne-Marie and Vika look like they could be sisters? Anyway, Anne and Vika do such an amazing job in this vid, I have to say it has to be one of the best in the series. I’m a big fan of these series because it’s always jam packed with KOs, and this one really squeezes them. Not only with the sheer number of KOs, but also the creativity behind those KOs. Both Vika and Anne get a chance to dominate the other, the KOs are similar, but vary when the switch roles. As you can expect both Anne and Vika sell there asses off, putting on a hell of a show for us. We get great over the top reactions and plenty of sexy KO positions. The only thing I did love was Vika speaking Russian for her time in control. I’m a huge fan of trash talk, and I don’t speak a bit of Russian, so as cool as it is that she can speak Russian, it’s completely wasted on me, because I rather just be able to understand what she’s saying. Other than that, everything in this 70th addition to this series is fantastic. This is definitely a special one that shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Score: 9.9/10