Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 69 – 18 Mins

We fade in on your brusque platoon leader EVE AVON as she gives you a chance to prove yourself as a soldier by eliminating a crew of her clones via a special virtual reality program.  You proceed to do so with glee and gusto, taking out clone after beautiful clone with a wide variety of sneak attacks, weapons, and more…until a final bedroom tranq machine gunning ends the program, and quite possibly gets you a huge promotion!

Another entry in to the sentry girls series and this one is another really solid addition, as it stars Eve Avon. An amazing looking girl, that looks great in everything she puts on, especially this particular outfit. Eve has been around for a little while now, but hasn’t been in too many video yet. Which is a real shame because as she shows in this video, and every other one she’s been in, she can really sell her ass off. Her reactions are top notch, she can roll her eyes really well, giving us plenty of full white eye as she goes down and she even does some really nice tongue protrusion too. Unfortunately, the tongue out KOs are only in the first few KOs, that selling detail does not continue into the later parts of the video. Nonetheless the KOs are really good and sold excellently by Eve. A few of my favorites scenes were the frying pan KO, I love that sound effect for some reason and always makes for a great KO, The tazer, of course, always induces some twitching and in this case a little bit of drooling and the two in one, with a little editing and filming magic, SK give us two Eve clones in one scene. Personally I think Eve is an outstanding performer with the looks to match, I’ve loved everything she done so far, but I would love to see much much more of her.

Overall Score: 9.9/10