Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 63 – 18 Mins

sumikoIn this unique sentry KOs clip, the lovely agent Sumiko is asked to undergo a quick hypnosis session that convinces her that SK’s POV (and harmless) foam dart gun is WAY more powerful than it actually is.  Sumiko is put to sleep by the hypnosis and she later wakes up to a series of stalking and sneak-attack segment…all featuring the lovely sentry getting taken down and out by SK’s dart gun!  This is a first in the series, and Sumiko delivers an amazing performance as she keeps taking naps due to SK’s relentless attacks with his new toy!

A nice change here for the sentry girls videos, instead of gas powered pistols and toy machine guns, Sumiko is repeatedly gunned down by a nerf gun that shoots little darts. Darts that Sumiko is hypnotically convinced packs quite a punch. So each scene we get these wonderful reactions from Sumiko as she is pelted with the darts.  And of course once she’s down SK has to add a few more shots, just to be sure, that often leave Sumiko with her tongue hanging out. Now, I may not be the biggest fan of these bodysuits that covers everything from the neck down, but at least it’s tight and still shows some of her body’s details. Overall, you know you’re always in for a top notch performance when a video stars Sumiko and this idea is fantastic and just a ton of fun. I may not love the outfit but Sumiko is yet again flawless and puts on quite a show in this very cool sentry session.

Overall score: 9/10


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  1. Profile photo of McChurl McChurl says:

    I’m not a fan of bodysuits , either . Occasionally , I wouldn’t mind seeing the girls dressed in street clothes . Jeans , t-shirts , very informal attire .

  2. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    In Southern Brazil we have lots of pale curvy wonderful girls that looks great inside any sort of clothing. Once, I was lucky enough to sleep in a bedroom with two of my cousins (two angels) who were dressed in sleepwear like the girl in the photo, bellow. I witnessed a short wrestling game between them. That was a very hot summer night, but the fantastic show gave me shivers! Lust shivers. The incredible sight of those big butts slowly swinging around as the girls fought almost gave me a heart attack there.

  3. Profile photo of Sig Kircheis Sig Kircheis says:

    I liked this vid; the nerf gun was a fun idea.

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