Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 61 – 20 Mins

sinnThe lovely agent Torey Payne has been tasked to show off her sneak attack skills in a virtual reality demonstration against agents SINN SAGE and JESSIE BELLE!  Needless to say, agent Payne delivers: taking her targets out effectively over a ton of different scenes!

Another great addition to the Sentry Girls series, as you just can’t go wrong with having Sinn Sage and Jessie Belle playing sentries. As you can imagine, both Jessie and Sinn knock this one out and make it look easy. Torey also does great dishing out all the knockouts. As is accustomed to this series, there are KOs a plenty and all sorts of fun and creative techniques are used. This one is worth checking out just to watch how great Sinn and Jessie sell all the KOs or just how many different KOs there were. An obvious highlight in for the series.

Overall Score: 9/10