Review of Sleeperkid’s World SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 60 – 18 Mins

AnneThe lovely and lethal Jessie Belle stars as a secret agent in training… tasked to enter a virtual reality program where she displays her best sneak attack/KO skills against clone sentry guard Anne-Marie!  The action is fast and brutal as she plows through each clone, taking them all down effectively until a final attack (and neck snap) ends the session!

It’s always great to have Anne-Marie starring in these sentry videos because it is just nonstop KOs and we all know how amazing Anne is when it comes to her selling. The gloves and the stockings are a nice change from the boots and knee pads and/or those sleeved elbow pads, not saying I like this better, it’s just nice to mix to up. It’s also great to have Jessie Belle handing out all the clone destruction. She’s does keep the trash talk to a minimum this time, so of you’re one of these guys, or girls that doesn’t love to when Jessie is nonstop running her mouth, like usual, then this one’s for you. I on the other had missed Jessie’s witty repartee. I was almost like, “what’s wrong Jessie? Say something.” lol. Either way this was Anne-Marie’s show and she delivers in stride as always.

Overall score: 9.5/10