Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 59 – 20 Mins

AlissNIKI LEE YOUNG vs ALISA KISS in a back and forth Sentry KO extravaganza!!! Agents Young and Kiss are tasked to show off their best sneak attack tactics in a VR simulation… with the bossman (SK) joining in for a few POV attacks of his own!

Another really great addition to this massive ongoing series. Niki and Alisa are both amazing sellers and this one asks them to be a little more over the top the usual which of course is no problem for them. As is accustom to this series, this video is jam packed with KOs and uses plenty of fun KO toys too. KOs sold so expertly by these two amazing ladies, with plenty of eyerolling, some tongue protrusion and a little twitching too. Also, two fan favorite outfits have the ladies looking stellar. I love the converse boots and the exposed abs, so I have to give Alisa’s outfit an extra thumbs up, but they do both look great. Another nice thing is the occasional POV attacks that leaves both girls laid out, thrown in for a little extra verity. Just more great sentry style KOs, with two amazing sellers and some nice over the top reactions, you’ll get no complaints about this from me.

Overall Score: 9.5/10