Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 57 – 23 Mins

TaraTwo lovely new agents (played by Constance and Tara Tied…making their SKW debut) have been picked for a virtual reality stealth demonstration, with the best performer destined to be picked as a new agent!  The girls give it their all, each one taking turns attacking and suffering a series of KOs/finishers… until the judges decide to hire BOTH ladies, but not before having to “take them out” in order to have them removed from the VR program!

This is one for all the overselling, over reaction fans. Talk about some amazing selling, these two girls absolutely sell the crap out of this. Constance is really great with her eyerolling, while Tara is great with her eye crossing. Which is only noteworthy difference in there performances, both of them otherwise sell this extremely well. We get lost of the great eye selling stuff, plenty of tongue protrusion and a really great drooling/twitching scene at the end. It doesn’t even matter what the KO technique was used they both sell it perfectly and this being a sentry girls vid, there are plenty of KOs for these ladies to show off their selling skills. While also saving the best for last. That drooling scene was so awesome, as they both drool on the mats from the tazer, pulled by their hair to make sure they’re out, with more drool dripping during the check and then they are dropped back into their own puddle of drool. After seeing how outstanding both these girls were, it’s a crying shame they only had time to shoot this vid before they had to leave. I really really hope they both get the chance to come back to SKW and give us some more of this kind of selling.

Overall Score: 9/10