Review of Sentry Clone Showdown

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSentry Clone Showdown – 15 Mins

SumikoKeri is faced with a huge challenge in this clip: Taking down countless Sumiko sentry clones! Sumiko awaits Keri in various rooms in her lingerie. She tests Keri’s responses as a fighter. Keri must overtake Sumiko and render her sleepy, clone after clone. Tactics used are hand smothers, chops, strikes, chokes and blows.

Another review brought to you by request, this one a nice sentry vid Sumiko and Keri did a few years back. Got a little bit of a superhero theme in this one with Keri’s sexy Green Lantern outfit, but Keri doesn’t have her ring, so she’s got no superpower in this one. A pretty normal sentry style vid her, Keri going around the house taking out Sumiko clones, lots of kicks punches, chokes, a meat tenderizer and a little bit of interrogation too. Although, Keri did take a nice beating versus one of the clones, but a counter belly punch and a solid uppercut got her out of that one. Some of the Sumiko clones put up quite a struggle, fighting against unconsciousness for quite some time and with Sumiko’s selling that leads only to great eyerolling reactions. The last clone gives Keri a little trouble too, but in the end, falls like the others. When it comes to a video starring Sumiko and Keri, because they are both amazing, there’s nothing they could do wrong, except maybe give us one of those 5 min vids that leave us wanting more.

Overall Score: 8.5/10