Review of Selfies with Sydney

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Selfies with Sydney – 11 mins

Renee can’t seem to get ahead with her win/loss stats so whenever she gets a chance to get an easy victory she jumps on it. One day as she was stretching in the ring, a new girl by the name of Sydney came in to talk to the boss. Renee quickly saw a victory and asked the girl if she’d like to practice holds. Sydney wasn’t really planning on a match but Renee talked her into it. Soon, the two girls were in the ring with Renee quickly subduing her opponent with her advanced moves! Sydney doesn’t get a chance to fight back and is soon knocked out in Renee’s camel clutch/sleeper hold combo. Renee gets her camera and takes some selfies with the unconscious Sydney to show the other girls at FWR that she defeated the newbie! Cut to one week later as Renee is coming through the curtain. She sees the back of a girl shadow boxing in the corner. Never seeing the girl’s face, Renee still thinks she can get yet another easy victory and runs off to the dressing room to change. Soon, she enters the ring dressed in a cute pink boxing suit with pink boxing gloves and suddenly realizes that her opponent is none other than Sydney! Sydney set Renee up and is suddenly smacking her all around the ring with her boxing gloves! Poor Renee is finally knocked out and our newest fem, Sydney, gets even by taking her own selfies! Please welcome Sydney Slaughter (an actual roller derby girl!)

Yes, even more new and interesting talent making their way through FWR’s doors. In fact both these girls are new as Renee hasn’t been here too long, but I think she’s off to a great start. I already love her look, with her super cute face, that’s perfect for jobbing. And Sydney has a great look too, kind of a rocker chick look that I totally like. This vid is great for both girls too, as she not only get to see them both on the losing side, but also in different outfits and I really love the selfie pics with your KO’d opponent, totally brilliant. It’s a lot like the trophy vid, but something about taking a photo and of course showing us the photo makes it a bit better than the trophy idea. I also like the way this went with Renee getting the win first, with wrestling, then Sydney coming back for revenge, by luring Renee in to a boxing match, which happens to be her forte. As I said before both these girls are new, so the combat isn’t flawless, which I feel is totally expected/acceptable, but they did well and the final product is great. I kind of hope Sydney makes a habit out of kicking Renee’s butt and I hope to see more of these selfie videos too.   

Overall Score: 8.5/10