Review of Secretary Interview

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSecretary Interview – 21.5 Mins

PeytonThree beautiful women, dressed in their finest job interview dresses, enter the studio hoping to land a high paying job. They sit on the couch as Becca reads a note explaining the position. “Ladies, you’ve all applied for the secretary position at FWR Enterprises. Since our company specializes in female fighting we’re looking for someone who is tough and able to handle herself. This interview is more like a competition. There are several items spread out around this room that can be used to subdue the other challengers for the open position. The last applicant standing will get the job. Good luck!” As soon as Becca finishes reading the note, the lovely Peyton snaps her fists up into the faces of Becca and LeAnn, knocking them out! This is the beginning of a long string of knockouts between all three girls! They each end up stripped down to their underwear and panty hose as the battle wears on and the beauties go after each other with a vengeance! You’ll see knockouts from a karate chop, a sleeper hold, a black jack blow, a double choke out with a pole, a little chloroform (that Peyton accidentally applies to herself!), a little ring action with a double arm choke out on the ropes and a neck scissors escape from a pile driver attempt, a tranquilizer dart to the butt, and a cool three girl tazer knockout! You’ll also see plenty of body piles as the girls end up knocked out simultaneously. The fight finally ends when Peyton hypnotizes Becca and LeAnn and makes them knock each other out with a double bear hug. Peyton puts her clothes back on but the lengthy competition has taken its toll on her also and she faints on top of the other girls.

I absolutely love this kind of video, a bunch of super sexy girls, in bras, panties, and pantyhose, running around knocking each other out, mostly in pretty silly ways. We also have LeAnn in this one, man I’ve missed seeing her around FWR, as well as Becca and Peyton, my favorites at FWR, a great overall cast. Thanks to the Jab Fest video, I’ve also gotten used to the dark lipstick on Becca and it was much less of a distraction in this video. I love the KOs in this one, not only how many KOs, because there are plenty, but also how they happen, what they use to KO each other, moves, weapons or otherwise, all the great reactions and also the bodypiles and KO poses these lovely ladies end up in. This vids are a total joy to watch, the banter between the girls definitely helps with that too. Also, I really enjoyed this ending, just when you thought Peyton had the job, she passes out too, Rick comes in sees them all out could and calls no winner. A fun ending to an overall very fun video.

Overall Score: 9/10