Review of Secret Agent & The Haunted House

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Review of Kayla ObeySecret Agent & The Haunted House – 4 mins

Various predicaments Secret Agent Kayla finds herself in! Scene 1- Kayla is snooping around a house where previous agents have gone missing, only Miss Kayla will be soon to follow and will not know what hit her. She explores the home barefoot. She is keeping quiet but the demonic spirits know she is there, as an object falls her head. She falls to the ground, twitching and spasming as she expires on the floor twitching for a bit before going still. Scene 2- Kayla is caught, tied up with her hands together and her ankles as well. She struggles, but her struggles inch her head into the opened dark closet and a demonic monster feasts upon her head. We get close shots of her soles writhing and spasm as the creature eats her head. You hear muffled screams at first but then Kayla goes quiet, her body twitches a bit before going still. Scene 3- Agent Kayla searches the bathroom and then feels faint from the devilish presence. She passes out. She wakes up in the bathtub with a towel wrapped around her head, and the shower faucet is on full blast your face (No real water cause I don’t want you to drown just roleplay lol.) and she struggles and moans, making choking noises as her feet dangle to the side of the tub. As she goes still she gives some strong kicks but lays still.

A really short, kind of unusual vid here from the lovely Kayla Obey. I say unusual, but there’s actually nothing really odd about this one, just a few quick scenes where Agent Kayla meets her end. These videos really need the description in order for the video to make sense. Otherwise, with Kayla not saying a work in this vid and no other hints along the way, without reading this script you would be awfully confused. Anyway, I grabbed this one simply because each scene mentioned that Kayla would be twitching and you know I love twitching and Kayla. Twitching is what I got too, very great twitching for the first scene, with a death stare too, as knock on the head takes Kayla out. Nice frantic struggling a twitching in the second scene, as Kayla is tide up and apparently get her head chewed off. And then wonderfully twitching in the last scene as Kayla is somewhat water boarded, or course minus the water, for obvious reasons. Also lots of nice feet shots too. Of course the over vid is super short, I would have loved to see more death stares, more face views in general, but as always, well performed by Kayla and for 5 bucks… totally worth it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10