Review of Secret Agent Cali meets her Amazonian Match

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubSecret Agent Cali meets her Amazonian Match – 34 mins

Agent Cali Logan has been after Angelique for quite some time and thinks she finally has her cornered. However, it turns out that she was no match for the strong amazon. Cali finds herself crushed, squashed, smothered and tossed around by Angelique. Every time the tiny crime fighter K-O’s, Angelique wakes her up for a little more fun. Eventually Angelique takes off both of their tops and lays on top of Cali, breast to breast with all of her weight bearing down on her tiny victim.

Watching Cali get beaten up, squashed and KO’d is without question one of my favorite things to see on the internet. This video puts a nice unique spin on that idea, having Cali literally squeezed and squashed by the much taller Angelique. Cali is completely overpowered and is chocked, bear hugged, leg scissored and just completely woman handled. It’s wonderful watching Cali struggle, knowing she’s got no chance of escape. There are several KOs along the way, all of which Cali sells perfectly, sometimes the camera gets a really good look as Cali slips into unconsciousness and few times it doesn’t. Cali doesn’t stay out too long as Angelique is pretty quick to wake her up. I love the jean shorts here, Cali makes them look so good and the unnecessary, but definitely welcomed toplessness near end makes the squashes even sexier. This is a pretty long vid and sometimes the KOs felt a little far apart, but overall it was great watching Cali play the victim and she nails the role once again in this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10