Review of Second Best

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSecond Best – 8.5 mins

The video begins with Becca and Ryan in the ring toweling off after a training session. They compliment each other on a great workout and how much they enjoy wrestling each other. As they leave the ring Ryan compliments Becca on her abilities. “Wow! You really think I’m the best wrestler at FWR?” Ryan smiles and says “That’s not what I said. I think you’re the second-best wrestler at FWR.” Becca stops, backs up into the ring and makes the challenge … “No audience, no ref, and no scripts.” Ryan accepts and they tear into each other. The action goes back and forth with each girl delivering punishing holds. They both manage plenty of escapes and near pins but only one girl can win this match. You’ll see some great fast-action wrestling that culminates in a cradle lay-over pin from Ryan to Becca. Ryan helps Becca to her feet and the two women leave the ring with mutual respect for each other … and a final little fun ending that will make you smile. Enjoy!

It’s not too often that I grab a vid that I know has no KOs in it, because I’m a KOs junkie and having no KOs is normally a huge bummer for me, but this time I saw what the story was behind this, I saw the outfits and knowing that is starred Becca and Ryan, I grabbed it and quite frankly, enjoyed it. The thing I like about this one is how well Becca and Ryan play off each other. The things they say and do feel like you would expect between two friend completing to be the best, but competing in a friendly way, so the never got mad at each, but they both definitely wanted to win. The action works just as well as the dialog. Both Ryan and Becca get some time in control, but it was always anyone’s match. I also like the pin attempts and the final pin that Becca couldn’t break out of. Then the friendly competitive banter continues afterwards. Ryan doesn’t really rub her victory in Becca’s face, but Becca does consider Ryan’s win luck and still think of herself as the best at FWR, even tossing her towel in Ryan’s face at the end as Ryan corrects her, calling her second best. It’s a fun, friendly, yet competitive vid which was fun to watch. Still wouldn’t have minded a KO, but this one was fine without one.

Overall Score: 8.5/10