Review of Scissor Scenes II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsScissor Scenes II – 15.5 Mins

MadisonIn this custom video, the visiting XLCR is featured applying tons of variations of the head scissor hold to Madison. If you’re a head scissor fan you’ll love the fact that we only feature the actual holds. There’s no build up or struggle to apply the hold. The featured model, a heavily tattooed beauty with a cute baby face and body to match, wraps her cute thighs around Madison’s face in many different variations of the hold while constantly asking for Madison to submit. Madison struggles valiantly but in the end is totally overcome by the strong legs of XLCR! And for those of you who are fans of a victorious Madison, we’ve added a short section at the end where our strong beauty dominates XLCR. This is a video that features our favorite hold … the head scissors!

Now this is how these kind of videos should be done. I really feel like Rick or whoever orders these vids have heard my prayers. Not only do we have Madison playing the jobber role and doing it extremely well, but also there’s a few KOs mixed in there, which I feel like wouldn’t have happened without my endless pleas for having a KO or two. I also have to give Rick a round of applause for not only some really nice camera work, but also some really good editing, making the transitions between scissors almost magical. Both Madison and XLCR look fantastic in these tiny bikinis and they are in amazing shape. I also love the pink hair and pink and blue eyebrows of XLCR. This vid has every headscissors variation imaginable, which is just so perfect and fitting for FWR. A nice little section at the end that gives Madison a little time in control, another KO and victory pose as well. I honestly couldn’t be happier with this clip, but maybe next time with some overselling? I got the KOs I wanted, why not hope for more?

Overall Score: 9.5/10