Review of Schoolgirl Sentries

Review of Defeated Schoolgirl Sentries – 53 mins

In this massive 53 minute clip, Lilith and Talia take turns throughout multiple scenes going back and forth sneak attacking each other. After each KO they strip each other out of their sexy school girl outfits, each scene they begin with less clothing until they both are left with just panties on. Once stripped, they kiss, lick and touch each other’s sleeping bodies. Even though they are KO’d the kissing and groping makes them to moan and causes their bodies move slightly as become aroused. However a final neck snaps silences the victim at the end of each scene. Lilith does get the last laugh, taking something of Talia’s as her prize.

More Defeated action for you guys and this is definitely the longest spy video imaginable. I do have to say, a near hour long spy video is a bit of a head scratcher, when more detailed, story driven clips are rarely over 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong there’s no problem with the video or the content, in fact it’s the best performances I’ve seen from both Talia and Lilith, hands down, thus far. The moves used for the KOs are really good, the reactions from both ladies are also really good. I love the stripping of their clothes after the first few KOs too. Seeing these two fit and thin bodies topless is also definitely something worth buying into and the kissing and groping is nice, even though it does go on a bit long sometimes. The thing is, with no storyline, no real dialog at all and a lot of repeated action, with the kissing and touching, after they’re both topless, it lost my interest after a while. I saw enough sexual contact for one video and I started skipping the sexy stuff to get to the next KO. In my opinion this just needs some kind of story, something to fill the space in between the KOs and the neck snaps besides kissing and groping. There has been many kick ass Defeated videos as of late that I would have loved to have seen last 50 plus minutes, just not this one. And again, it’s nothing about the performances of Lilith or Talia, they did awesome, it was just too quiet, too often. The full nudity surprise at the end was great though and makes sense, after all that sexy stuff, might as well take her panties when you’re done. Overall, I’m just not that big on sexy kissing and touching stuff. For 30 minutes or so I was good. The KOs are great, the ladies are beautiful and sold awesome. Just these style of videos don’t need to be an hour, but so many others I wish were.

Overall Score: 8.5/10