Review of Scarlet Witch Hostage

Review of Sleepy Superheroines Scarlet Witch Hostage – 15 min

Trickster is out for revenge against the Vision who put his brother in prison. He decides to hit him where it hurts by kidnapping his wife, Scarlet Witch, and making her his plaything. He kidnaps her and transports her to his lair. He removes her cape and leaves it with a note for Vision. Can Scarlet Witch escape or will the Vision come through?

Talk about a girl that’s been taking over our genre by storm, Misty’s Lovelace has been all over the place lately and I have been absolutely loving it. I was happy to see that when I went back to check out what Sleepy Superheroines has been up to, I found more Misty videos. I was also happy to see them doing more of their original style vids and not the highly produced flashy stuff they got from overseas. Don’t get me wrong that video was awesome in many ways, but I like the simple stuff they do too. Maybe they could mix in one of those fancier videos every now and then, so that us fans could get both sides of Sleepy Superheroines. Anyways, back to the video at hand. Misty again proves to be a great seller as she’s KO’d, carried around, tied up and played with throughout this video. They did a good job of catching some good eye rolling and also again had a nice focus on that wonderful backside of Misty’s. I liked this outfit too, even though, like a bodysuit, it covers just about every inch of her skin, but something about having pink pantyhose instead of just a full body of red makes a difference to me. Overall, I enjoyed this video, I like these simpler videos starring girls I already know and oh yeah, I also like that since Misty is playing Scarlet Witch, they tied in the Vision boyfriend storyline. With the Avengers movie being the biggest thing to talk about right now, that’s a good touch. I just wish Wanda Maximoff wore this outfit in the movie.

Overall score: 9/10