Review of Saya Wallops the Trollop

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Review of Sumiko DreamsSaya Wallops the Trollop – 21 mins

Sumiko enters a room, showing off her sexy outfit before calling out for the man she’s supposed to meet here, but he never answers. Instead a pissed off Saya attacks from behind, locking Sumiko into a dragon sleeper and let her know that the man she supposed to meet belongs to her. Sumiko struggles but is easily put to sleep by the angered Saya. Saya then carries the sleeping Sumiko to a mat area where she has some more stuff planned for poor Sumiko. Saya wakes Sumiko and Sumiko quickly begins begging for mercy, but Saya is fresh out of mercy, yet full of anger. Sumiko gets bent, folded, KO’d, pinned and all that’s before she gets hogtied, where Saya leaves a little note in Sumiko bikini bottoms and leaves her tied and struggling. Fade in a few days later and it seems that Sumiko has located Saya and challenged her to a fair fight, a fight Saya couldn’t have been happier to accept. Sumiko enters the room and tells Saya that she’s having the match recorded so that Saya boyfriend can see how badly Sumiko beat her. With that, Sumiko goes on the attack. The battle wages back and forth for a while, but eventually Sumiko is actually able to KO Saya, but when she goes for pin Saya kicks out and the fight is on again. This time Sumiko can only hold control over Saya for a short while and then Saya begins to completely dominate. Once in control Saya does just like she did before KOing Sumiko several times before finally going for a pin. Sumiko then get hogtied once again, Saya tries to wake Sumiko, but the tiny Asian jobber is completely done for. Saya decided to leave Sumiko a little note for when she wakes up, writing on her belly: “Saya 2 Trollop 0”

First, before I even start this review, who even uses the word trollop in 2019? I’m just wondering. Anyway, every time you see Sumiko all dressed in black with fingerless gloves, just know that Sumiko is going to get dominated by whoever walks on screen next. This time that person is SSP’s Saya Savage and as I was saying, Saya sneak attacks and almost completely dominates Sumiko. I say almost, because Sumiko does get some time in control, but it doesn’t last too long. Sumiko of course is one of the greatest jobbers of all time, so it’s no shock that she is again absolutely flawless. I love that Sumiko gets wrecked and tied up in the first part of this video, but still thinks it a good idea to challenge Saya again. Now the second half is the section where Sumiko gets her time in control, but things definitely don’t end well as Saya takes control, humiliates and defeats Sumiko again. So this was like a double dose of butt kicking for Sumiko. Adding insult to injury Sumiko gets hog tied and gagged again, with Saya adding a little note to Sumiko’s belly, so she doesn’t forget what happened. I always look forward to Sumiko’s defeats, because she never disappoints.

Overall Score: 9.5/10