Review of Save me, Captain America!

Review of DefeatedSave me, Captain America! – 20 Mins

Valery and Lilith have kidnapped Janelle and have her held hostage in their lair. They toy with their captive and punch her in the belly, planning on have a good night beating up on poor Janelle. Unfortunately for them Janelle isn’t going down without a fight. Janelle manages to brake free and makes a run for it. The kidnappers pursue, but come back empty handed. While Valery and Lilith pounder what to do next an unexpected guest enters, it’s none other than Capitan America (played by Tracy). Capitan America easily over powers the would be hostage takers, but Janelle comes back too just to get some revenge and join in on the fun. Capitan America and Janelle completely destroy the baddies KOing them over and over with chokes, smothers, sleeper holds and scissor holds, taking turns beating down both Valery and Lilith until they feel they’ve finally learned their lesson. Capitan America and Janelle pile the KO’d evil-doers on top of each other and cover them with the pillows scattered around the room before leaving them to sleep off their beating.

Before I begin, is anyone else just stunned by how many pillows they were able to pile into this room, and yet the two chairs in the back of the room still have pillows sitting on them? I guess if you have that many pillows in your house, but don’t have any mats and want to have a fight, that’ll work for a replacement mat. Hahaha. Anyway, enough about the jarring amount of pillows in this house, and let’s talk about this clip. First and one of my favorite things about this, how’s about a Captain America, with an Italian accent? I know it’s just role playing or whatever and she can’t do anything about her accent, I just found that really funny, in a good way no doubt. And even not being the biggest fans of body suits, I do think Tracy looks pretty damn good in her Captain America outfit. This one is just a beating from top to bottom, the would be kidnappers Lilith and Valery get dominated by Tracy and Janelle. The beating is a lot of kicks and punches as well as some chokes, scissors and a few low blows thrown in for good measure. We get plenty of KOs as the leather bound would be baddies don’t stand a chance. I love that Lilith and Valery are in some sexy outfits with heels, not often to see heels on great jobbers, so every time is special, I haven’t seen Valery in too much of anything yet, but something tells me that she could be really good, and I might have to see if she can get ragdolled by someone in the future. Defeated could have another budding star in the works, time will tell.

Overall Score: 9.5/10