Review of Savannah Costello in Home Alone Knock Out!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsSavannah Costello in Home Alone Knock Out! – 7 Mins

savannahSexy Savannah Costello just had a nice hot shower and was now relaxing in her bedroom on the phone with her girlfriend talking about a bad date she recently had. Of course Savannah was home alone but too bad for her not for long. That is when the intruder who happened to be the lucky guy who had the date with her decided to come back and have some knock out & limb play fun with her. Savannah was so caught up in her venting on the phone she didn’t even know there was someone behind her in the bedroom. That is when the villain bopped her over the head with his bat to knock her ass out. The poor thing never seen it coming, she instantly went off to lala land as her eyes rolled back in her head and that tongue of hers was hanging out of the side of her mouth. The villain quickly hung up her phone so he could now have some fun with her sexy limp body. He didn’t waste any time to remove her towel to check out her sweet naked body. Of course he had to feel on her nice big tits as they were just asking for him to grope them for her. The only problem he had as he was enjoying her limp body was her waking up but he didn’t waste any time to bop her over the head again to for another knock out!

Another Funhouse clip very similar to “Constance in Knocked Out & Played With” follows the same path, only starting Savannah Costello. Savannah gives good reactions as well, some quick eyerolling, little bit of tongue protrusion. Her towel stays in the way a more than it did with Constance, but there is still good limp play, a couple of wake ups and KOs and we do get to see just about all of the naked blonde. Overall I would probably call Constance’s rendition the better one, but I think if you liked one, you’ll like the other and since the vids are quite similar, short and cheap, why not get both?

Overall Score: 8.5/10