Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSAVAGE VENGEANCE – 21 mins

WOW! Is Coco hot in her VERY skimpy shiny, blue bikini as she talks smack about Saya and how she demolished her in their last match together. Saya, equal to the task of looking hot in a shiny (black) bikini, enters the room without Coco’s knowledge and knocks her cold with a sneak attack sleeper hold. While Coco snoozes, Saya announces that she is going to change the rules mid-stream and make this an overkill match, and that is what the fans are treated to…in spades! Saya really beats up Coco in this one and roughly woman-handles the blonde beauty as she transitions her between each sadistic punishment. Coco is relentlessly tortured by Saya at an unsettling pace. As we’ve come to expect in the Overkill series, there is no mercy shown to the opponent and this one is no different. Saya really goes the extra mile and the fact that Coco doesn’t know when to quit  – and even has the gall to flip Saya off as she is being dominated – just adds more fuel to the fire.

Man, I just can’t hammer it more than I am about just how outstanding Coco is and just how amazing it is to have her here at SKW. I’ve said it once and I will end up saying it a million times, Coco is just so good, I don’t know if anyone could help but love her. Whether winning or losing, in this case, definitely, without question losing. And unsurprisingly one of the better squashes that we’ve had this year so far. I love that this is continuing the story for when Coco beat Saya when she first visited SKW, even though the story isn’t a big part of the video, it does give reason as to why Saya is so determined to beat a submission and apology out of Coco. Just little thing like that make vids like this just a bit better. But of course the best part is Saya just beating the daylights out of Coco and talking plenty of trash along the way too. I love the Coco’s selling, not too OTT, but she did give us some over reactions, silly faces, twitching and a nice bit of drooling at the very end, but nothing I would consider extremely OTT.  I love the moves that were used, showing of the strength of Saya and bit and definitely showing off her savage side, which we don’t get to see too often.  I did thing it was a little belly punching heavy at the beginning, as the first few minutes was pretty much just belly punching, very well sold belly punching, but was a bit much for me. They did make up for that throughout the rest of the video though. Overall, this is just another instant classic for me, Coco and Saya put on a hell of a show for us and I hope this is the beginning of a nice feud that just goes back and forth and just get more and more brutal as they try to outdo each other for previous beatdowns. No matter what happens, this is one I wouldn’t miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10