Review of Sasha’s Belly Button Beating

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSasha’s Belly Button Beating – 11 Mins

SashaWhile we prefer to specialize in wrestling and boxing videos, we’re willing to explore new areas of female domination. This custom video was scripted by a fan of belly button destruction. And who better to portray this custom than the beautiful (and a little kinky) Sasha! Becca joins Sasha in the ring and is asked by the long haired brunette if she’d be interested in playing a little game. Sasha explains that she likes being poked in her belly button and punched in her belly! Becca happily agrees and Sasha takes a position in the corner. Becca pokes her finger into Sasha’s belly and punches her until Sasha falls to the mat in pain. The next scene has Sasha taking Becca outside the ring where she lays over a chair to expose her sexy belly. Yes, Sasha is enjoying every minute of this, even though it’s painful! After this segment of belly button poking and punching, the girls go back to the ring where Sasha brings out a rope! Her final request of Becca is to tie her arms behind her back to REALLY get into the belly button poking and punching experience! Becca agrees and goes to town on Sasha as she lays bound on the mat! A final scene has Sasha asking Becca to finish her off with a foot stomp and we enjoy seeing Sasha get knocked out, twitching uncontrollably, for the ending of this creative custom video!

This one is going to a high score from me for a few reasons, first being that it’s a one sided Sasha destruction vid. Sasha is a longtime favorite of mine and any chance to see her one the “right” side of a one sided beatdown is always a good thing for me. Next, I think this is a nice change of pace for belly destruction vids, with the added sexiness of Sasha really enjoying her belly pain, the poking of the bellybutton is just different, Sasha encouraging Becca to do it harder, Sasha crumbling from the pain, but still wanting more, it just all a little kinky and really fun. I also like how Becca was a little nervous at first but then started to enjoy herself as well, just more great acting from Becca. Then this ending, really won me over. After a big belly stomp KOs Sasha we get like a solid minute and half if not more of just watching Sasha out cold and twitching, getting shots from every angle as she twitches away on the mats. I just loved that, definitely need more final scenes like that.

Overall Score: 9.5/10