Review of Sarah Jain Vs Tena: Wrestling smother knockout match

Review of DefeatedSarah Jain Vs Tena: Wrestling smother knockout match – 29 Mins

jainSarah Jain challenges Tena to a wrestling match. Tena is afraid of her, she knows that she’s a really good fighter. Sarah Jain is ultra-confident of herself, but she’s not going to be the dominant for the entire fight. Tena humiliates Sarah under her feet for a while…. Unluckily for Tena, a back breaker and then lotus hold with nipple play combo, she can’t take any more, she surrenders to her feet and then gets knocked out by a facesit!

Got a classic from Defeated, one of their best overall sellers, figured I’d take a look at it and see what it’s all about. Well, it’s has got to be one of their sexiest/sexual vids and it really helps that these two girls look amazing. They battle back and forth in a very catfighting kind of style, slowly stripping each other of their clothes, the loser ends up full nude, while the winner still has her G-string on. There’s a little foot fetish stuff, kissing, licking of their feet, and stuffing there feet in each other’s faces. There’s also a few short moments of feet tickling, never been a fan a tickling. Sarah handles most of the trash talking and she’s really cocky and her English is just about flawless. There’s a lot of really sexy camera angles, great crotch and booty shots and some really nice positions that help present their opponent to the camera. Overall, it’s a little too catfighty for me personally, and the KO at the end is pretty quick just before the video ends, but it is definitely super sexy and as good as both these girls look, I can understand why this video what such a hit.

Overall Score: 8/10