Review of Sarah Jain gets Koed, Destroyed and Ragdolled

Review of DefeatedSarah Jain gets Koed, Destroyed and Ragdolled – 22 mins

Sarah Jain is back! Unluckily for her, Talia’s first punch goes straight into solar plexus send her out cold. What a failure for her! A fighter like her, taken down immediately from a fresh newcomer… Talia is going to be very mean to her, she’s having lots of fun with Sarah, scissoring, cunt busting and belly punching her. And all over the time, Talia is mocking at Sarah, keeping telling at her that she is an ugly doll, unable to even control herself. Indeed, Sarah convulses for the entire match with heavy shakes, with tongue out and continuous eye rolling. Talia is very cruel with Sarah, calling her ‘pathetic’ and leaving her on the floor on all four, ass up, humiliated and helpless.

More Defeated action for you guys and this one seems a lot like my handy work, a twitchy ragdoll video, with tongue protrusion, eyerolling and a ton of trash talking, but it’s not. I had nothing to do with this one, but I am beyond honored that Defeated or one of their customers liked my style of enough to reproduce another one a lot like it. Sarah does a wonderful job being the twitchy ragdoll here, starting from the very first punch that KOs Sarah. It’s a slow drawn out KO that worked great, like all the air got drained out of Sarah, the she passed out and stayed out. There’s pretty much none stop twitching from that point on, although Sarah does go still for a little while after she comes to during a smoother attack, then passes back out and she’s still until Talia tries to wake her up, then the twitching begins again. I actually really liked that, a very good way of mixing in KO during a ragdoll video. Talia is great too, she doesn’t quit talking trash about Sarah from the very start to the very end. She does get a little repetitive at times, but overall did a great job with the verbal and physical attacks. Speaking of physical attacks, nothing to crazy here, but there is great mix of sleepers, scissors and strikes that Sarah sold all of very well. It’s really cool for me to see a twitchy ragdoll vid that isn’t mine and I couldn’t be happier about how well both these gorgeous ladies did playing their roles.

Overall Score: 10/10