Review of Sarah Jain Destroys Alexa Tomas

Review of DefeatedSarah Jain Destroys Alexa Tomas! – 20 mins

Alexa is too overconfident, and gets ko’d immediately with a belly punch. Alexa goes on the floor, and can’t wake up anymore, because of Sarah. She starts to destroy her piece by piece, ragdolling her while out… Head scissors, body scissors, belly punching, cunt busting and more from evil Sarah’s side. From the beginning to the end of the video, Alexa going worst and worst, drooling while ragdolled, and having convulsions, always worst in the video.

More Defeated action for you guys and yes another twitchy ragdoll. If you ever want to win more over as a production, keep making videos in the spirit of my custom. This time a super sexy lady name Alexa Tomas is out beautiful twitchy ragdoll and I think thus far she is second best ragdoll I’ve seen from Defeated, behind only Elizabeth. That may change once I get Stella to do one, but until then Alexa is second best. She did all the right this, first, plenty of twitching, right up until the very end when Sarah was finally able to make her stop, plenty of eye rolling/crossing/fluttering, some very nice tongue protrusion and even a little bit of drooling. She really put on a great show for us. Oh and she’s wearing pink too. I really do love to see girls dressed in sexy pink attire and this is as sexy as it gets.  Also Sarah Jain, who is also extremely sexy, did a fantastic job trash talking Alexa the whole way through and using a great mix of scissors, sleepers, belly punches and crotch attacks to force even more great reactions out of her ragdoll. She also just let Alexa lay and twitch on her own a few different times, which is also an important part for me. I hope Defeated continues to make more twitchy ragdolls, because not only do they do it right, but I also just can’t get enough.

Overall Score: 10/10