Review of Sarah Brooke vs. Meiko Jane Sarah’s Subby Bitch!

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Review of Women’s Mat WrestlingSarah Brooke vs. Meiko Jane Sarah’s Subby Bitch! – 20 mins

Domme Meiko Jane has the hots for Sarah Brooke’s man Steve in “Sarah’s Subby Bitch”, and think she’s gonna get him and take Sarah down easily in their bikini match in addition, even bringing some rope with her to use on her afterward for fun, but she’s got a big surprise in store for her! Sneaking up from behind and attacking her with a soaked rag, a furious Sarah knocks Meiko right out! And there’s LOTS more where this comes from, as Sarah methodically picks Meiko apart piece by piece, knocking her out over and over and over again, using many submission holds to do so along with the occasional dirty tactic! She’s absolutely relentless in her assault on her, wanting to send a major message to Meiko that you don’t mess with her man! And when she’s done having her KO fun, as the icing on the cake, Sarah takes the rope Meiko brought with her and uses it against her! Adding a ball gag to the mix for good measure, Sarah leaves her lying with her arms and legs bound! Poor Meiko! Here she thought she’d have so much fun with Sarah, but instead it was the other way around! Guess that will teach her to count her chickens before they hatch, and play around with someone who isn’t theirs for that matter! A brutal beatdown, that’s absolutely loaded with different submissions and KO’s, with a little bondage fun at the end just to top everything off! This is one for true sadists!

Since I recently reviewed a video where Sarah gets squashed, here is one where she does the squashing. Her victim is this lovely lass named Meiko, I woman I’ve never seen in action before this video, but easily someone I would like to see again. This is the typical girls fighting over a guy scenario. Sarah is red hot about the situation, while Meiko is more worried about what she will do after that she’s isn’t bothered about Sarah. Sarah sneaks in and gets the first KO with a little chloro and then from there it is just KO after KO with the helpless Meiko having no chance of making a comeback. The KOs come a great pace, with Sarah never leaving Meiko out for very long and Meiko never lasting too long in the next KO move. Most of the moves are from normal wrestling moves with nothing too fancy going on, with a few pain KOs mixed in as well. My favorite KO is a single hand smother while Meiko is trapped in a spladle pin. I love that pin when it is done right, when it doesn’t just look like a new way to do a matchbook pin and this one is definitely done right. There’s a little light bondage to wrap things up. (see what I did there? Bondage… wrap… HAHA!) Where Meiko is left awake and tied up, too weak to really struggle, but definitely not happy about how things turned out. I wouldn’t have minded one more KO while she was tied up, but still and good ending and overall a really nice squash match with Sarah delivering the clear message not to mess with her man.

Overall Score: 9.5/10