Review of Sarah Brooke vs. Dakkota

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Review of Woman’s Mat WrestlingSarah Brooke vs. Dakkota – 10 mins

Sarah Brooke feels she has a heart of steel! It’s been broken tons of times over the years, so much so that it’s cold and impervious to any further pain! No one can break it again! Well…..not so fast! In “A Heart Breaking Beatdown”, Dakkota puts that claim to the test in a special Heart Punch match, and needless to say….Sarah loses and loses BADLY! As a matter of fact, we’re not sure Sarah has EVER been beaten up like this in all her time here at WMW! KO’d when Dakkota’s finally finished with her, Sarah will have to try just a little bit harder to protect that heart going forward, because it’s obvious it isn’t impossible to break just yet! Perhaps the sole solace that she can take from this, is that her bikini she has on for this covers her heart from being hit flesh on flesh! It’s of very little consolation at best though as Dakkota (who herself looks FANTASTIC in a skimpy white bikini that shows off every inch of her muscular frame) beats her within an inch of her life! Hurting Sarah with numerous Heart Chops, Punches, Leg Drops, Standing Butt Drops, and even simply crushing her using a Matchbook Pin and her strong Legs, Dakkota wears Sarah out! Time and again she finds herself downed on the mat from the absolutely brutal punishment she endures! You can literally hear the thuds as she gets worked over, not to mention LOTS of loud grunts and groans! And her heart isn’t the only thing that takes a beating either! Dakkota also hits her with VERY solid Belly Punches and Chops, puts her in a few Head Scissors (Standing and Side) and Body Scissors and further torments her with a Camel Clutch! How Sarah manages to get up from all of these vicious attacks against her is beyond us! But somehow she does! Even Dakkota is kinda impressed at how hard she is to keep down! Of course, she can only hold out so long before the intensity of her beating catches up to her! Eventually, one well-placed heart punch knocks her out for good, and mercifully the match is over! Sarah’s heart may be broken beyond repair now after what Dakkota has done to it! This is about as hardcore as hardcore can get! If you like your beatdowns on the extreme side, this is a 100% must see! You won’t see Sarah get beat up again like this for a while, if ever!

Been a while since I reviewed a vid with Sarah Brooke, I remember I covered a ton of her stuff when I first discovered her. So when I saw that she was on the right side of a one sided beat down over here at WMW, I was quick to grab it. First and foremost, I have to say that this one is not shot in a ring, so right away you will notice there is some better camera work. Still not too great, but much better then what I’ve seen from the ring content. Next, although this is described as a heart punching match, luckily, that not all that we get, there’s a lot of other wrestling maneuvers mixed in which make for a much better overall match, in my opinion. Sarah is in fantastic shape, maybe even a little skinny, but I think she looks excellent. I love her cocky attitude, keeping it up, even when she’s down and picking herself up off the mats, just to talk about how tough she is and get knocked back down again. Sarah’s reactions aren’t over the top in any way, would have been amazing if they were, but she does give us some nice eye reactions and her overall selling is pretty good. I personally wouldn’t call this an “extreme” or “hardcore” beat down, but is a very nice squash match and Sarah’s wittiness and sexiness joining together to make her a great cocky little jobber for Dakkota to beat down.

Overall Score: 9/10