Review of Sam vs Lauren Wrestling Dirty Rematch

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Review of Hit the MatSam vs Lauren Wrestling Dirty Rematch – 16 Mins

samSam and Lauren are back in the ring for a rematch, this time Sam feels the fight is more in her realm with wrestling. Lauren thinks Sam is all talk after Lauren kicked Sam’s ass in their previous boxing match, but we see pretty quickly Sam isn’t just talking trash. Sam also likes to play dirty with some extra humiliating holds, like shoving Lauren’s face in her crotch while clamping down on a figure four and breast smothers. Lauren manages to get on top for some smothering of her own, but Lauren makes a rookie mistake and Sam is back on top. Sam is playfully brutal with squeezing Lauren’s tits, choking her out, sitting on her face and all matter of utterly humiliating holds!

Rematch time, Samantha Grace isn’t happy that she lost the boxing match vs Lauren Phillips and she is here for payback. Lauren might have taken Sam a little too lightly after beating her previously or maybe Sam is just as good as she claimed to be at wrestling. Either way Lauren didn’t stand a chance. Samantha really aims to humiliate Lauren, stripping her naked pretty early on, Lauren wasn’t wearing much, so that wasn’t difficult. Samantha then forces Lauren into some pretty awesome humiliating positions, claws at breast and crotch at pretty much every opportunity and KOs her several times, before leaving Lauren conscious, but nearly in tears. I love Sam’s smile while she’s dominating, it’s so evil and smug at the same time. Lauren sells pretty good, as she always looks great playing the jobber. I would have liked a few more closer shots of her face and especially her eyes before the KOs. Also, if something could be done about their dirty feet. I’m not the biggest foot guy in the planet, but dirty is still one of my pet peeves. It’s normal not an issue in the boxing vids as we almost never see their feet, but in this one there’s plenty of foot views and the almost black soles doesn’t help. Overall, I enjoyed the naked and helpless Lauren getting dominated and humiliated by Samantha, it’s really sexy and good.

Overall score: 8.5/10