Review of Sam Grace vs Lauren Strip Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatSam Grace vs Lauren Strip Boxing – 25 Mins

SamSamantha Grace and Lauren Phillips are back in the HTM ring looking to get some training from Darrius, after they both got their asses handed to them by Rusty. Darrius leaves a note with the first lesson: Whoever wins this match gets the REAL training, and toughen up, cupcakes! It’s a strip boxing match and upon each knockdown, the loser must lose some clothes. Sam starts off strong, downing the “Amazon” Lauren and Lauren is the first to strip. After absorbing quite a beating, including to the breasts, Lauren manages to score a knockdown against Sam and the match becomes a back and forth fight. Both girls end up nude and battered across the face, belly, bare breasts and crotch… but who will end up knocked out and tied up as a naked human punching bag? Fantasy foxy boxing.

Samantha Grace and Lauren Phillips, these two ladies are responsible for the best content coming out of HTM recently and now they’re going up against each other in a strip boxing match. Which means this is not the time for some dominating one sided action, as we want both of these gorgeous ladies to lose their clothes and that of course is exactly what happens. Sam and Lauren both come out swinging for the fences with big punches and big reactions. The ladies battle back and forth, both getting knocked down repeatedly until they are both naked. Then it comes down to a back and forth slugfest that Sam eventuality loses control of and gets KO’d. But it doesn’t end there. Sam gets woken up by Lauren only to find out she’s been tied to the heavy bag for some human punching bag action. Lauren has her fun then puts Sam out with a big punch in the face. I love all the knock downs and stripping, love all the smack talk and how well they play off each other, the big haymaker punches and the great reactions to those haymakers and of course the human punching bag is the perfect icing on this strip boxing cake.

Overall score: 9.5/10