Review of Rules Has Changed

Review of DefeatedRules Has Changed – 21 Mins

Last week Stella Defeated Elizabeth for the first time, by sneak attacking her. Now, Lilith, taking inspirations from her, does the same with Janelle. Janelle is stretching, while Lilith comes up behind her and puts her on her knees with a low blow. Janelle is in pain, and Lilith takes the chance to put her in a sleeperhold. Janelle tries to fight back, but she gets weaker and weaker, and slowly she gets KO’d on all fours, ass in the air. Now Janelle, totally limp, without any reaction, open eyes, is ragdolled by Lilith, with many scissorholds to make it sure she will not weak up early. Then Lilith pins Janelle and goes away after victory pose on her. Janelle wakes up not knowing what happened…

More Defeated action for you guys and this one is based off my custom with Elizabeth, but this time it’s Janelle getting ragdolled by Lilith. The setup is about the same, Janelle getting sneak attacked with a low blow then sleepered until she’s ragdoll status. The differences are that Janelle doesn’t twitch too much, or react to anything really. She keeps her eyes open the whole time, rolling and crossing. There’s a few scenes with some really nice tongue protrusion and Lilith doesn’t talk much. I like trash talking and twitching so that’s probably the only things I’d like to change about this one. Of course I love the ragdolling, tongue protrusion and the open eyes. I would have like to see a little rolling because I know Janelle can do the full white eyes really well, But the selling overall was great. Those big natural boobs still managed to slip out of her one piece here and there, which is always good and the thong back was really great too. I also think this the first time Lilith has won a match, which makes the one time that she does say something even better, telling Janelle that she just got destroyed by a jobber. I do love the girls calling themselves jobbers. Also like my custom Janelle wakes up dazed and not knowing what just happened to her before passing out again with her butt in the air, eyes still open. Overall, I love the ragdolling of Janelle, love that it was based off my script and nice to see Lilith win one for a chance.

Overall Score: 9.5/10