Review of Roommate Rumble

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRoommate Rumble – 19 mins

Persephone and Peyton are college roommates who end up in the ring battling it out because Persephone accuses her roommate of leaving the dorm room a mess. She also finds Peyton wearing her exercise clothes. The fight wages on with multiple knockouts where each girl takes a lipstick and writes on the other girl’s body! Persephone is marked with cat whiskers, as a “jobber”, as “easy”, and as a “maid”. Peyton is ko’ed and marked with cat whiskers and as “a thief”. But it’s Peyton who dominates in this match leaving poor Persephone trapped in a paradise lock while she discussed all the ways that Persephone will be taking care of ALL the dorm room chores. Enjoy!

Here’s a really cool FWR vid with a few rather unique details added along the way. Most of them are good, or at least entertaining, while other bits aren’t. The good part is definitely the core and best part of this video, which is Peyton and Persephone having a fight with a bunch of KOs that is mostly controlled by Peyton, although Persephone did get a few shots in. I do think the action here is pretty good with some nice selling and interactions between both ladies as the bicker and try to beat each other up. The lipstick writing and whiskers isn’t all that good, but it’s cute and it’s kind of funny, also I do love when they call each other jobbers or write it across their bodies, so it’s not a too bad overall. There was a moment of tickling and that just always seems out of place, to me, in a wrestling match. I just don’t feel like tickling is something someone would do in fight, but I guess that’s why this is a fantasy thing, it doesn’t have to make sense, I use that excuse for my own fantasy madness. So overall, I love the wrestling, loved that Persephone lost most of the time and especially in the end and I like most of the KOs/humiliation stuff, oh and of course the paradise lock part at the end it’s was a great touch too.  

Overall Score: 9/10