Review of Robber Kayla

Review of Kayla ObeyRobber Kayla – 6 mins

You’re stuck in a number of sh–touts with your partner in crime, Kayla. You both struggle to make your getaway, each time Kayla gets hit and goes down. She’s more than just a partner, you’re also the only man she’s ever loved…sometimes you will need to make a difficult decision..let the police get her, or end her yourself. *Emphasis on getting hit in the tits *4 police sh–tout scenes *5 unexpected sn*per scenes *3 scenes going out your own way

It’s seems that a fan favorite thing to see from Kayla is these gunned down/spy demise vides, but this one decides to kick up the sexiness by having Kayla be really teasing and let me tell you, she is one hell of a tease. Still done in the excellent, simple fashion that Kayla is known for we get several quick scenes of Kayla getting gunned down in different ways, but before she teases “you” by removing clothing, but not letting you see anything or just being down right sexy in some other way, no matter what she does she is super sexy doing it. However, as nice as the sexy teasing is I felt it did cut into the time of Kayla selling the deaths, we don’t get quite as many looks or as long as looks as I’d like at the slain Kayla, but other than this is another great Kayla vid and I really did enjoy the sexy teasing stuff too.

Overall Score: 8.5/10