Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRIGHT WHERE I FOUND HER – 25 Mins

BambiWe fade in on an unconscious Bambi Buttons just moments after getting destroyed by an unknown wrestler in an SKW match.  We see Andrea Rosu step into the room for her daily workout, only to become dismayed at the sight of the sleeping jobber on the ground.  Having paid to rent the room out, Miss Rosu is a bit annoyed at the situation, but soon decides to make the best of it by making Bambi her own personal KO practice dummy!   The knockouts are epic and plentiful, as Andrea toys with and utterly destroys Bambi…only to leave her exactly how she found her!

This is a great video to follow up my custom with, as this too is filled with amazing over the top reactions. Not nearly as crazy as my vid, but definitely still well over the top. And a great idea too, one that has been used it the past, but is definitely not used enough. I love the idea of walking in and finding a jobber already exhausted and defeated, ready to be someone’s play thing. Bambi played this perfect, selling amazingly, never putting up any resistance and just too out of it to really even know what was going on most of the time. Andrea is also perfect in her role, being super cocky, yet really relaxed, knowing Bambi had nothing left and couldn’t fight back, so she just takes her sweet time moving around and picking her next attack. I love the moves used, caused lots of twitching and drooling, especially the last sleeper that was some awesome twitching and drooling from Bambi. Then at the very end, Andrea makes sure Bambi is left just how she found her, which also happens to give the perfect example of the right and wrong way to do a proper “Darri-air” KO pose. I loved this vid and truly hope this could be the start of another amazing squash series.

Overall Score: 10/10