Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRIGHT WHERE I FOUND HER 4 – 22 Mins

We fade in on an unconscious Monroe, devastated after a beatdown handed out by an unknown opponent.  An annoyed Addie Juniper makes her way in, angered at Monroe blocking her workout space.  She decides to use the clobbered jobber as her personal practice dummy, demolishing the rookie with a ton of knockouts! Once she’s done with her victim, Addie decides to stretch a bit.  Time passes and Monroe slowly comes to… getting some of her strength back and crawling over to her attacker.  She snaps and attacks, slapping a sleeper hold on Addie that eventually puts her out.  An energized and angry Monroe weakens her attacker with belly punches, moving onto humiliation as she wraps a dog collar around the stunned brunette and forces her to walk around the mats on her hands and knees, moving on to a standing choke with the steel collar.  She finally traps Addie in a matchbook pin.  When Addie wakes up, Monroe takes her out with a jab to the face, completing the pin and leaving her in the center of the mats for ANOTHER future opponent to find!

I’m going to start out by talking about how the comeback win in this series just doesn’t make good sense. So you find Monroe already beaten and out cold, beat her up some more, to the point that she won’t wake up any more, then minutes later she’s up and ready to fight? I don’t think so. That point out of the way, this is a really great vid, Monroe sells her ass off in every move and hold and this is arguable her best work yet and she looks awesome in the shiny one piece with boots. I love the moves used, works great for all that over the top selling and all the pins are really great too. Unlike the Luna Right Where I Found her vid, there’s not a drastic difference in sells skills when Monroe makes her magical recovery. Addie, looking great in her shiny bikini, sells really well too. I might have to give the edge to Monroe when I comes to selling, but it is really good to see Addie again and even better to get to see her lose a bit. So, even though I don’t like the comeback idea for this kind of vid, at least is was Addie and at least Addie can sell on the same level as Monroe.

Overall Score: 9.5/10