Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRIGHT WHERE I FOUND HER 3 – 22 Mins

In this amazing one-way beatdown, the lovely Andrea Rosu walks into the SKW mat room for a workout only to find a completely unconscious Eden getting in the way of her fitness!  Andrea manages to wake Eden up only to find out that she’d been destroyed and left there by Tiny.  Amused, Andrea decides to make the best out of the situation by using the groggy Eden as her KO practice dummy.  Andrea uses every move in her repertoire to torture and KO the lovely Latina…until a final barrage of finishers leaves Eden completely out and in the same exact place Andrea found her!

A new entry in to this awesome and growing series and with only 3 entries so far this is Andrea’s second time to wonder into the SKW mat room to find a KO’d victim waiting for her work out session, lucky her. This time she’s lucky enough to stumble upon the stunning and unconscious Eden, apparently after a run in with Tiny, which Eden explains in a great half-conscious way. This nearly ragdoll session goes as it should, no magical recovery by Eden in this one, it’s all Andrea just enjoying her new toy. This is the first time we really get to see Eden play the jobber role for a whole video and she did awesome, a little high energy at times, but overall she did very very well. We got some very nice reactions from Eden with some pretty good eyerolling and crossing too. Then it’s topped off with a deviating tombstone, some great “fish out of water” over the top twitching and very good drooling. Before Andrea leaves her right where she found her, middle of the mats, in that infamous darri-air pose. Eden is turning out to be a very great addition to the SKW roster for both heel and jobber roles. I look forward to seeing what we get her into next, hopefully that Tiny run-in that left her there for Andrea to find.

Overall Score: 9.9/10