Review of Sleeperkid’s World RIGHT WHERE I FOUND HER 2 – 24 Mins

lunaWe fade in on Luna completely OUT COLD on the mats after having been destroyed in an earlier match.  The beautiful Anabelle Pync walks in to work out in the mat room and is dismayed at the sight of Luna snoozing away on the ground.  She decides to use the destroyed jobber, however, turning her into a practice dummy for her favorite KO holds. Once Satisfied, Annabelle moves off to stretch… and minutes later we see Luna slowly awaken… angry.  She recovers her strength and attacks, trapping Anabelle in a tight sleeper hold KO!  She removes Miss Pync’s skirt and uses it to smother the pretty blonde out!   Luna continues her vengeance, knocking Anabelle out her own stockings.  She strangles her attacker out slowly, enjoying ever second… and turning Anabelle into a drooling/twitching mess.  Luna poses over Anabelle before leaving her for whoever walks in next to find!

Aside from the ragdolls vid Luna has starred in, this has got to be my new favorite Luna vid. Even though it wasn’t a total squash and even though it doesn’t really make sense that someone who was already beaten down, is woken up, basically ragdolled for another beating, would have the energy to wake up in a few mins to fight again, much less dominate, so it ends up being more like “right were you found me”. However, this still turns out to be an amazing vid. Now, no offence to Anabelle who did a great job as the heel, but this totally Luna’s show and the only reason that even makes video worth checking out. Luna is a special talent, hard to compare to anyone, except the best of the best. Every time we getting Luna playing the jobber role, it always ends up a sight to be seen. The same goes here, Luna’s over selling is masterful, there’s no twitching, but it’s chock-full of all the other over the top stuff we love. Unfortunately after watching 2/3 of the video with Luna’s amazing selling Anabelle just can’t compete and not that she was bad, Luna is just that much better, so much better, that this is still my favorite vid of the update, even with the unsatisfying ending. No doubt this would be a 10/10 if it wasn’t for Luna’s miraculous recovery.    

Overall Score: 9.5/10