Review of Right in the Belly

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Review of Kayla ObeyRight in the Belly – 16 mins

We get a 5 minute shot of Kayla asleep in her bed, her belly exposed in her crop top and jeans. She wakes up to the sound of her door shutting as an armed intruder breaks in to her bedroom. She pleads with him to not hurt her but he demands she put her hands in her pants and masturbate. She gets on her knees and does what he asks. Just as she cums from an explosive orgasm her shoots her in the belly. “You shot me in my belly, right in my belly button! Why did you do that? I did everything you asked!” She says as she clutches her belly and falls back. She pleads weakly to let live until the intruder leaves her alone, slowly growing more tired. She wants to enjoy herself one last time, so she sticks her hands into her jeans and masturbates until she cums one last time. “I think this is it. I am close to death. At least my body will be the sexiest corpse ever discovered”. She falls limp with her mouth open and eyes closed, her hands still in her pants. She twitches a few times and stays limp, seen from two different angles (2 mins each).

I’m not going to lie, this is really just a solo masturbation clip, but with the sleeping before, a little bit of the belly punishment/pain thing and the gun fun death aspect, even a little or gentle twitching, I figured this was close enough to show to you guys. So I have the normal version of this, which really has a full 5 mins of just Kayla sleeping in her bed, which is sexy for about 90 seconds, and then after all is said and done, just about five minutes more of Kayla laying “dead”. Luckily, even Kayla knew those scenes were a bit too much and made a short version of this clip available with just lost long sleeping scenes cut down to a reasonable amount, without taking out any of the content in the middle. As far as the content is concerned, it’s really good. Sexy Kayla with her hand shoved down her tight jeans rubbing one out is just as sexy and it sounds. She plays the poor innocent girl and she’s always so sexy and has got to be one of the major reasons I love Kayla so much. I love the simple style of her vids, even though they’re simple they’re just so good and I am so happy to have Kayla back making videos again.

Overall Score: 8.5/10