Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRETURN TO CYNDER – 19 Mins

After losing to 6’9 Tiny in a previous match, the lovely Cynder decides to CHALLENGE the masked maniac to a RE-MATCH?  SK films her as she does so, advising against such a thing.  Cynder is convinced she can get an edge on Tiny via her shiny tights, which she uses to distract him when he enters.  Apparently Tiny is quite fond of shiny things, stepping in closer to admire Cynder’s tights… allowing her to grab him in a headlock! But… that’s about as much offense as Cynder gets, as Tiny turns her headlock into a bearhug, slamming the poor girl into the wall until she’s barely conscious! What follows is what EVERYONE’s learned to expect from any match starring Tiny:  a completely one-sided destruction!!

This is exactly the kind of selling I have been hoping to see from Cynder, where she really milks the eyerolling and I just love how good she is at eyerolling. So a lot of the moves she has her eyes rolled back through most of the move and plenty of time after the move is over too. She really sells everything very well and pretty over the top too. The eyerolling is the main over the top aspect, but there’s some twitching, drooling and a little bit of tongue protrusion as well. I think it’s safe to say this is Cynder’s best performance yet and really hope she keeps up with the extended eye rolling thing. Tiny is also worth mention for being amazing in this. Of course his strength allows for some crazy power moves, but I love the things his says during a match, creative and funny. Also this set up of this is great with Cynder using the shiny tights to sneak attack Tiny only for her plan to totally and expectedly fail. One last thing, I always looks forward to what Tiny says as her carries his latest victim away, This time, “Now it’s Tiny’s turn to try on the shiny pants!” it’s very funny to imagine that, but I sure hope I never see that.

Overall Score: 10/10