Review of Return of the Gremlins

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Review of Kayla ObeyReturn of the Gremlins – 6 mins

It’s been awhile since Kayla’s had to deal with those pesky little gremlins. She really wasn’t sure if last time was just a dream or not, especially because she got bonked on the head so many times, but now she can’t deny it- They’re real! The invisible little guys get right back to work knocking out poor Kayla. The first hit makes her really dizzy, her eyes roll around a lot in her head and she makes some ridiculous faces, before falling down not-so-graciously to the floor, face down butt up with her dress slipped up and her butt exposed! Each hit leaves her on the floor, eyes crossed and open, mouth in a goofy smile or her tongue lolling out of her limp mouth. They get creative with her, at one point hitting her super hard in her crotch, causing her to squeal in pain before going down clutching herself tight. While she’s out for the count, they remove her dress and pantyhose, leaving her only in her bra, underwear, and high heels. She attempts to hide in her dryer but gets stuck…they really abuse her that time, and whip her butt while she can’t get away.  Poor Kayla, she really gets put through the ringer, getting KO’d several times by the invisible pranksters!

Kayla Obey is back after a short hiatus, with a new haircut, hair color and she brought us the squeal to a classic Kayla video. The original Gremlins video was a silly knockouts clip where Kayla was attacked by invisible little gremlins and that one was cool and fun, but now after a few years someone has asked Kayla to do it again. And what we get it this awesome, sexy, silly KOs vid that really hits the spot for me. This vids has all the thing is love to see from Kayla, silly OTT reaction, like eyes rolling, tongue out, along with silly comments, like “and down she goes” in that super cute way that I feel only Kayla can do just right. We get sexy KO poses, where her dress slides up letting us see her pantyhose and panties, lots of great angles and positions too. Eventually her dress comes off and she just in her bra, panties and heels. I love that she keeps the heels on too, that a nice little plus for me. There’s a little twitching here and there for some of the KOs and stunned open eyes KOs, where her eyes are open but crossed during her knockouts. And just some general silliness, like sticking her head in the dryer. I could watch Kayla carry on with these kind of KOs forever, it’s a bit of a shame the vid is only 6 mins, but those 6 mins are absolutely jammed with great content. This is one of those times where the sequel completely outdoes the original. If you like light hearted, humorous and sexy KOs, this is a short, but super sweet video you just can’t miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10