Review of Rescuing SuperKayla

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Review of Kayla ObeyRescuing SuperKayla – 6 mins

SuperKayla is caught in a few KO traps set by her arch nemesis Black Widow. She gets KO’d by sleepy gas, a dart, and her feet get stuck in invisible glue! She wakes up hogtied and gagged, struggling and moaning to be set free. — “I’m off to fight that meanie Black Widow. But first… don’t you think my outfit looks super cute? Although, it’s not the most practical for fighting crime…” Kayla shows off her fit body in a sheer leotard and black pantyhose before blowing you a kiss and transforming into her Supergirl outfit. “Alright, much better! I’m definitely going to get her this time, I’m much too clever!” Kayla flexes and does some stretches, showing off her short Supergirl outfit and nude hose.

Another failed adventure of Super Kayla, yes please. Again I am really happy that Kayla owns this costume and hopefully vids like this become a common theme from Kayla, because who doesn’t love some superheroine peril and seeing Kayla play Supergirl? We get all the peril you would expect from any superheroine adventure, but only after we get some cocky banter and a little posing. Super Kayla is KO’d a few times for some traps laid by her nemesis, including getting her feet suck to the ground before a KO. Then of course she is captured and hogtied, where we watch her struggle before apparently coming to her rescue and then she thanks us for saving her. I can’t tell you guys enough just how well Kayla does all these vids all by herself. For one gal, she continues to provide up with some really impressive content.

Overall Score: 9/10