Review of Renee’s Session Beat Down

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRenee’s Session Beat Down – 14.5 mins

Renee has hired Allie Parker, an amateur fighter that does sessions, to beat her up. It seems that Renee has a thing for getting her belly destroyed and can only satisfy her needs by hiring tough women like Allie. Initially, Allie refuses but Renee goads her into it and suddenly our blond is getting punched, kneed, and kicked in her soft belly! Although Renee is suffering from the beating we find that she’s actually enjoying herself. When Allie decides that poor Renee has had enough and puts her foot on the girl’s belly, Renee grabs Allie’s foot and pulls it deep into her belly saying “I knew I should have hired a professional!” An angry Allie loses her composure and DESTROYS poor Renee’s bare belly, finally knocking her out. We know that Renee loved her session and we also know that you’ll love watching it!

Renee moves up another few notches on my jobber list with this one. Although it is a belly destruction video, which are typically not my favorite thing to see, this cute little jobber is just so attractive to me, I couldn’t skip this one. I like that not only is Renee willing to get a beat down, but is loving it along the way. We see her sneak out a smile every now and then, through the pain. I love that Renee wasn’t going to take no for answer and aggravates Allie not only to start the beat down, but continue it and go harder. I think Renee plan backfires a little bit near the end, when Renee’s had about all she can take, but she riled up Allie some much that Allie isn’t done yet. It does end with a KO and I like that this started as a boxing match, or at least, they had boxing gloves on. Allie’s glove removal technic is pretty good too. It’s a pretty great belly beat down, Allie brings a lot of intensity and the strikes look really good on Renee’s soft belly. So if you love seeing a sexy jobber girl take a belly beating from a pissed off pro wrestler and enjoy herself while she’s at it, then look no further FWR has what you need.

Overall Score: 9/10