Review of Renee’s Belly Button Story

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRenee’s Belly Button Story – 10 mins

If FWR was included in the Emmy Awards, Renee would win the Best Actress Award for her portrayal of a destroyed fighter in this amazing custom video! It opens with Renee knocked out in the ring, waking up and really selling her belly pain. She gets up and tells the story of what happened as she acts it out. It seems that Becca recently confronted her in the dressing room and dragged her to the ring. Renee goes into full acting mode as she gives us a visual display of what happened to her. Her belly was punched (with a specific focus on her belly button), she was knocked out with sleepers, nerve pinches, and a temple drill. Renee describes how it felt and even demonstrates how she was knocked out and left twitching. She also shows us how her arms were trapped in the ring ropes and her bell button punched violently! There are tons of eye rolls, tongue out reactions, and a red belly seen throughout the video. In the end, poor Renee demonstrates how Becca did a special nerve pinch to her belly button by placing her finger in it and pushing until she ends up knocking herself out. We think Renee will get a standing ovation for this performance!

If FWR was included in the Emmy Awards and awarded a Best Actress Award for her portrayal of a destroyed fighter, that would be quite a challenging decision to make with so many wonderful actresses currently at FWR, but without any shadow of a doubt Renee would be a nominee, especially after this performance. I not even the kind of guy that goes for belly punching vids, but with a number of KOs and twitching in the description, I had to have a look at it and that was definitely the right decision. Renee narrates a wonderful belly destruction, acting it all out as she tells the tale. Her reaction as solid and a little over the top. We get several KOs each one with some nice twitching. This really made the video for me. The KOs aren’t too far apart and she twitches for a good while. Her outfit here is also really nice and she has the perfect belly of a video like this, nice a soft so she can make good looking impacts, but not too soft. Renee definitely isn’t new to FWR anymore and I always like her as the jobber girl, but I think this video here has officially pushed her into my favorites category, she killed it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10