Review of Renee Learns a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRenee Learns a Lesson – 11 mins

What do you think Becca would do if she found text messages from Renee on her boyfriend’s phone? She’d put on her tough girl leather fighting outfit and go after the hussy! Renee is caught off guard and thrown in the ring, punched out, pummeled in the corner, body slammed to the mat, put in a Boston crab, knocked out with a sleeper hold, woken up and yanked to her feet by the hair, thrown in a corner and beaten, tossed to the mat again, smashed with leg drops, bent painfully in a camel clutch, and destroyed by several DDT’s! Poor Renee is finally forced to submit and apologize while having her legs destroyed in a figure four leg lock! After one more DDT, Becca does her victory pose and leaves the unconscious Renee in the ring. You’ll love this one sided beating!

Something about this vid just feels so good, I want to say that we haven’t had a one sided beat down in a while, but I am pretty damn sure that’s just a lie. I think it’s just we got a motivated Becca, dressed up in her favorite butt kicking outfit and she dishing out some well-deserved punishment on a potential home wrecker. So it’s just the right amount of story to give a reason to a fight and the fight goes just the way you want it to. Either way, this is a great vid. Becca is always a great heel, she’s tough enough, strong enough, mean enough and in this case mad enough to sell her role excellently. Renee continues to prove to be a great addition to FWR. I love her in the jobber role, she does a great job selling her and just being overall submissive. I like how the fight had a KO about mid-way through and after that KO Renee was pretty out of it for the rest of the match, being hard to wake up, harder to get to stand up. And of course I was happy the Becca didn’t leave Renee conscious in the end. Overall, this is a super solid squash vid, that I really enjoyed.

Overall Score: 9/10