Review of Renee Gets Toughened Up

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRenee Gets Toughened Up – 10 mins

Renee wants to toughen up for future boxing matches so she hired a female boxing pro (Becca) to throw punches at her and strengthen her endurance. That’s the premise for this custom video. It’s a simple premise with Renee taking punch after punch from Becca, some with boxing gloves and some bare fisted. Renee is still very new to performing in our videos but she’s the PERFECT girl for this. Her sweet and innocent face, look of nervousness, and not really knowing how to react to the punches give us exactly what we were looking for. Poor Renee gets jabbed, hooked, uppercutted, and dropped from Becca’s punches. Becca also looks amazing in her bootie shorts and sports bra as she confidently puts Renee through a myriad of punches. But in the end …. well, we won’t spoil it for you.

Rick might not spoil this one for you, but if you come here, you know most of the time I’ll tell you exactly what happened. In this case, Renee ducks Becca’s KO punch and flattens Becca with one of her own, saying, that’s enough, before leaving Becca to sleep that one off. A great and unexpected ending for thing simple, but of course, well done video. The rest of the video is a lot like a Jab Fest video, which is a great thing. It’s all punches to the face, plenty of jabs, as well as other punches. Renee gets a little dazed near the end, stumbling around a bit, but we only get one knockdown. I would have love to see a few more knockdowns, but it also makes sense for the video as Renee comes off to be pretty tough already. I would like to see this “exercise” pay off in another video, where Renee it almost unaffected by her opponent’s attacks and there for can wear then down until she can knock them out. I think that would be pretty cool to see. I like Renee so far, she does have a super cute face and even though she’s new, I think she reacted rather well to the punches. She also looks great in her pink one pieces, with matching boots and knee pads. I think if you like Jab Fest vids, you will definitely enjoy this and I look forward to see more Renee in the near future.

Overall Score: 9/10