Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldREMATCH IN RED – 28 mins

As we fade in, SUMIKO is giving interview about her last match up with SAPPHIRE.  Seems she thinks Sapphire’s last win was a fluke and Sumiko wants a chance to get that win back! She strips down to her red bikini and poses a bit before Sapphire finally shows up and the two hot blooded hell cats start trash talking to the point that SK has to separate them.  They agree to a NHB, no time limit match for the SKW champion ship, the first ten count pin winning the title. As the two square off, Sapphire takes over immediately as a running spear DRILLS Sumiko to the mat but Sapphire talks some more trash instead of capitalizing and Sumiko is able to recover and trip up her bigger foe.  After working over Sapphire’s legs for a bit, she pulls out the infamous dog collar and chain and starts to choke Sapphire out with it!!!! But something is up….is Sapphire smiling?  She pretends to go out and Sumiko leaves herself open for a low blow that turns the tide of the entire match. From here on out, it is ALL Sapphire as the SKW Champ shows her famous mean streak. She OBLITERATES the bikini wearing beauty over and over with multiple knock outs and submission holds that leave Sumiko alternating between a limp ragdoll and a screaming victim begging for mercy.  Finally, a Revere Choke Slam spikes the lovely Japanese wrestler’s face into the mat and allows Sapphire to claim an easy ten count pin.  But after so much bad blood, don’t expect Sapphire to finish this without a little more humiliation… YOUR WINNER: SAPPHIRE

If I said it once I must have said it a hundred times by now, I absolutely love Sumiko squashes. She is one of the best jobbers in the business and she still somehow manages to continue to improve her selling. I’ll never get tired of seeing her get demolished, at the hands of anyone, even it is Sapphire again, even if Sumiko is wearing the same sexy bikini, boots and gloves, I will always love seeing Sumiko defeated. And having Sapphire as the heel is never a bad thing either, especially versus Sumiko. They have a great chemistry and can pull off some moves that only they can do together. Also Sapphire is just so much fun to watch as a heel, I really feel like she’s kicked things up a notch since her return to the mats. This one does come with some very good moves too, a few old, a few new, but all of them look great. I also love that Sumiko’s chain choke out totally failed. It was like a fool me once, but you can’t full me twice kind of thing, as Sumiko used the same attack in their last match, so it makes sense to me that Sapphire expected it this time and countered it. Anyway, I think I rambled on long enough about a video you guys don’t need my opinion for, it’s a Sumiko squash so of course it’s amazing, plain and simple.

Overall Score: 9.9/10