Review of Reluctant to Wrestle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsReluctant to Wrestle – 14.5 Mins

beccaThis awesome match was filmed a few years ago and we just found it in our archives. Becca was rather new to wrestling and really didn’t want to face Antoinette in the ring. And rightfully so! At the sound of the bell Antoinette jumped Becca and a MAJOR beat down began. Poor Becca was rag dolled around the ring with clotheslines, a torture rack, body slams, a sleeper hold, a camel clutch, and some destruction outside the ring. Antoinette constantly talks to the camera as she taunts and humiliates poor Becca. The end comes when Antoinette puts the nearly unconscious blond through a series of pile drivers and pins that finish her off for good. Antoinette adds a final humiliation by draping a sheet over her unconscious victim!

A great, slightly old school squash match here. Becca didn’t have a chance in this one, which is easily my favorite thing to see from FWR. Becca has always been an amazing jobber and this re discovered video shows that even when Becca still had a little of the “new girl smell” she was already an awesome seller. Antoinette throws Becca all over the ring and even a little outside the ring, doing as she wishes with the helpless Becca. Not only does this have several knockouts, but Becca also twitches after almost every KO. I love twitching, as you know, love Becca squashes, love Antoinette being the dominate trash talking heel so it’s literally impossible for me not to love this video.

Overall score: 9.5/10